Company Profile Coops & Nieborg Hijstechniek

Testing and Certification of Lifting and Hoisting Equipment.

Lifting and Hoisting EquipmentCoops & Nieborg Hijstechniek is a certified (ISO 9001, VCA* and Amtek Certification) testing and certification company for Lifting and Hoisting equipment.

Coops & Nieborg Hijstechniek is a certified (ISO 9001, VCA* and Amtek Certification) testing and certification company for lifting and hoisting equipment.

We aim to implement the legal provisions and standards in regard to lifting and hoisting equipment in the clearest manner possible.

Within our certification company, the equipment is subdivided into two sections:

  • Hoisting and Lifting Equipment (cranes, hoists etc.) is machinery used to move loads horizontally and vertically.
  • Hoisting and Lifting Tools (chain work, slings etc.) are tools utilised to attach a load to the lifting and hoisting machine.

    There are regulations in place for both sections, which form a practical translation of the European and Dutch standards, and where required these are complemented with detailed descriptions and images. The work regulations are maintained up-to-date by the Technical Committee comprising of experts from the professional field. This ensures that the member businesses remain fully informed about the technical developments.

Dutch Legislation

Legislation and regulations in regard to working conditions in the Netherlands consist of:

  • Working Conditions Act (Arbowet 1988)
  • Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit)
  • Working Conditions Regulations (Arboregeling)
  • Working Conditions Policy Rules (Arbobeleidsregels)


The general legal framework is formed by the Working Conditions Act 1988 (Arbowet) in which the main objective regards the prevention of accidents, illness-related absence and incapacity to work. To achieve this objective, the employer is responsible by law to have lifting and hoisting equipment professionally inspected and maintained. In addition to the aforementioned, the Arbo Information Sheet AI-17 contains accessible information in regard to how employers and employees can utilise the connecting legal rules and policy regulations in the work practice. Here, the minimum maintenance and certification requirements are stated and described. One is often referred to the certification organisations for lifting and hoisting equipment for expertise.

CN Hijstechniek is Member of Metaal Unie


As quality and safety are of crucial importance to us, we ourselves are certified on an annual basis by an independent certification institute. ‘Lloyds’ arranges the ISO 9001 and VCA* certifications for Coops & Nieborg Kranentechniek.